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Hi, I love working with my clients remotely or in my studio, to help them quickly and easily get to a place of inner peace and mind-body-spirit connectedness.

60 minute Reiki Energy Healing & Spiritual Life Path Coaching Sessions

A 60 minute session of Coaching and  Reiki energy work in my Elko, Nevada Reiki studio.

Rev. JoAnna uses a variety of healing tools in her session based upon your  specific needs. Some of these are, but are not limited to, vibrational sound, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, EFT...

Generally, we spend  the first 10 -15 minutes of your session discussing any topic relevant to your spiritual, mental or physical wellbeing that you wish to discuss.

I then have you move to the Reiki table to complete the session by doing a Reiki treatment. This is done by having you lie down on my very comfortable Reiki table, fully clothed. I turn down the lights and have some gentle soothing music playing so you can achieve full relaxation and enjoy your treatment.

Some clients even sleep through most of the session and wake feeling refreshed.

Once the Reiki session is complete, which is usually within 30-45 minutes, you will be given an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling and ask any questions you may have regarding your session.

Remote Reiki Energy Healing & Spiritual Life Path Coaching Session by Skype or phone

A 60 minute session of Coaching and Reiki energy healing work.

This works very similarly to an in-person session except that we will connect by phone or Skype for the session instead of in my Reiki studio.

Just like an in-person session, we will first go over your intake forms and discuss anything you would like to get out of your session and I will answer any questions you may have.

I will then conduct your Reiki session while you relax in a place where you can be comfortable lying down and not be disturbed.

Once I have completed the session, which usually takes 30-45 minutes, you will be given an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling and ask any questions you may have.

All remote sessions must be paid for in advance.

CTPG Essential Oil Application Treatment Sessions (Aromatouch technique) Combined With Healing Reiki Energy. 

60 minutes

CTPG (Certified Plant Therapy Grade) essential oils are applied along energy meridians and reflexology points on the back, feet and or hands in a relaxing, light touch, treatment. Even though it is not  technically a massage treatment, it is every bit, if not more relaxing.

This essential oil application technique, developed by integrative medicine specialist Dr David Hill, is one I learned when I recently took an AromaTouch (TM) Technique class.

This relaxing, holistic treatment uses 8 CPTG essential oils/blends. These oils are specifically used in this treatment because they each support the health of your immune and nervous systems.

This treatment of oils also helps to reduce inflammation and pain which then brings your mind, body and spirit into balanced harmony.

Reiki Energy Healing Treatments for Animals

15 minutes

In a remote (distance) Reiki session, I direct healing energy to the animal through focused intent. Meanwhile, the animal remains in their familiar surroundings, this helps them remain relaxed. Form to be filled out and session is paid for in advance.

What Happy Clients have to say...

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Spring Creek, Nevada

“JoAnna and Hearts Path Serenity is AMAZING! I am thankful for the Reiki work she has performed for me. Reiki has made such a positive impact in my life.

I appreciate the location of her studio it is so clean and welcoming and it smells so good. The energy is great. I am glad for JoAnna at Hearts Path Serenity.”

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Spring Creek, Nevada

“Just finished my level 1 Reiki training and it was wonderful. I can't speak highly enough about my experience! Thank you so very much, the Universe connected us at the perfect time! I would highly recommend and look forward to doing much more work with JoAnna!”


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