Kind Words from Clients

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“JoAnna your loving kindness is so obvious. In a world where there is darkness we find light! Thank you for walking beside me.”
~Janell, Elko, Nevada USA

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“I just finished my level 1 Reiki training and it was wonderful. I can't speak highly enough about my experience! Thank you so very much, the Universe connected us at the perfect time! I would highly recommend and look forward to doing much more work with JoAnna!”
~Holly, Spring Creek, Nevada

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“Wow! Thank you, JoAnna! The distance Reiki session you gave me the other day was the most powerful I've ever experienced. Your nurturing manner allowed me easily drift into a meditative state and I could feel the energy you were electric currents radiating throughout my body. I'm not even sure how long the session was, but when you had finished I felt incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated. I must get on your regular schedule!! Blessings!”

~Stephen, Reno, Nevada

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"I have always been a big worrier, about things that are really out of my control. I just have a hard time relaxing in general... guess its just part of being a Mom! It started to affect my everyday life and a friend recommended I go get Reiki to get grounded. (I didn't go right away) but after putting this on the back burner for many years. I decided to give Rev. JoAnna a try as I heard so many positive results.

After the first session I was so relaxed! I released years worth of so many emotions, things that I really didn't even think bothered me....  it's such a relief to be able to focus on the present. I've continued to go for several more sessions and have found such inner peace! I really wish I would of gone years ago when it was suggested! In my opinion Reiki is better than going to a counselor!

Thank you for all you do, Rev. JoAnna!"
~ Amber, Spring Creek, Nevada

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